Initially launched by a group of kids as a pandemic project, Tosie is a nonprofit organization committed to helping shelter animals find their forever homes. That’s right: this nonprofit is run by kids ages 8 to 12 years old! Robert Kurzban shares the incredible story:

The name “Tosie” is a portmanteau of the names of the first two dogs homed by the project (Teddie and Rosie).  

The pandemic shook up the lives of children across the country when social distancing put a pin in summer plans.  That’s when some Bay Area and Manhattan Beach kids decided to create the nonprofit, Tosie.  The premise?  To help local shelter dogs find their forever homes!

Tosie creates and sells $5 bracelets to raise money for the care of animals living in rescue shelters.  The team also works to highlight the importance of adopting pets, rather than shopping. 

A Bay area bred project, Tosie is currently a local initiative.  But the parents of its members claim the kids are as ambitious as ever!  They hope to take the project nationwide in the future.  Robert Kurzban is inspired by these incredible young nonprofit pioneers.  Keep up the phenomenal work, Tosie!