The global COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for nonprofits. From lack of steady revenue to difficulties in receiving federal relief — nonprofit organizations are struggling to stay afloat. A helping hand from civic leadership is needed now more than ever.

From childcare to food aid and professional skill-building — nonprofit organizations change and empower lives.  Without the work of nonprofits, many families would struggle to survive.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has afflicted nonprofits in ways most had never considered.  In a time of social distancing, organizing fundraisers and other special events is virtually impossible.  With most people struggling to survive their own economic crises, donations are nearly at a halt for many nonprofits across the United States.

Daniel J. Cardinali, president and CEO of the Independent Sector, claims that we need to call on our Congressional leaders to save nonprofits.  State and local governments are arguably the only agencies that can help nonprofits to bridge the gaps nonprofits are struggling to fill.  But will they step up to the plate?  Robert Kurzban, as well as numerous nonprofit workers and volunteers, certainly hope so.  After all, nonprofits play a critical role in strengthening and building communities.  Without their efforts, communities across the nation would suffer.