A nonprofit organization is collaborating with AARP to provide senior citizens with free lessons on how to use new technology. Robert Kurzban examines the project that’s helping seniors break down a major communication barrier.

In 2021, a lack of cyber savviness can pose major barriers.  Especially in the times of the pandemic, society is relying on the internet as a way to keep in touch with loved ones and communicate with the outside world in times of social distancing.  Unfortunately, many senior citizens find themselves disconnected from this conversation due to one simple problem: a lack of computer skills.

Senior Planet, Older Adults Technology Services and AARP are collaborating together to bring senior citizens together — virtually — to learn today’s tech.  The outfit has already hosted courses like ‘How to Use Zoom.’  As the pandemic continues, the nonprofit hopes that their lessons will help senior citizens feel more connected to their families and friends during these difficult times.