The Barn at The Heights — Huber Heights in Dayton, Ohio, that is — welcomes nonprofits to their new event space. Fantastic news for charities and other organizations focused on the ‘Greater Good’! Robert Kurzban shares the details from the Dayton Daily News:

Owned by the City of Dayton since 2019, Huber Heights is a 52-acre property that’s currently being utilized as a gathering place for… well, city officials aren’t quite sure just yet.  According to Eileen McClory with the Dayton Daily News, the city is ‘working to sell’ the land — accompanied by the barn on its eastern side.

In the meantime, Huber Heights is taking on a purpose of ‘Building Community For The Greater Good.’  For now, that means hosting free events for nonprofit organizations, charities and initiatives guided by a cause.  That’s right:  the City of Dayton is allowing nonprofits to host their events for FREE at The Barn at The Heights!

But this opportunity won’t be around forever…

How to Host a Nonprofit Event at Huber Heights

Robert Kurzban urges urges nonprofit neighbors in Ohio to take advantage of Dayton’s free event space while it’s still available!  Until the city finds a buyer, the city is offering contracts to nonprofits which allow for a weekend event.  Nonprofit organizations will be left to their own devices to organize food trucks, breweries and other on-site vendors.  Of course, that opens doors for local businesses to join in and collaborate with causes near and dear to their hearts.  Make the most of it!