The Nile Sisters Development Initiative, a San Diego, California based nonprofit, will be using a recently acquired grant to expand their nursing assistant training program.

Nile Sisters is a unique organization with an honorable cause.  The nonprofit has earned notoriety over the years for its dedication to empowering refugee and immigrant women located in and around the San Diego area.  Nile Sisters consistently organizes numerous charitable projects that strive to strengthen and empower the women they support.  In July of 2020, the nonprofit launched a career-training program.  

Now, thanks to a recently acquired grant, the Nile Sisters’s new program will have the opportunity to expand in an incredible way.  Specifically, the funding will be put towards training their participants on the basics of being a nursing assistant.  Always aiming to expand their outreach, the individuals trained by Nile Sisters will then go on to treat and provide healthcare services to those in need.

The grant, which totals $120,000, is thanks to the San Diego Foundation COVID-19 Community Response Fund.  Stay tuned for more nonprofit news from Robert Kurzban!