They say everything is bigger in Texas… and with an initiative that reaches a helping hand out all the way to India, this nonprofit organization proves their hearts are bigger, too. Robert Kurzban shares the details of an initiative launched by SAINA:

The San Antonio Indian Nurses Association (SAINA) is currently raising funds for the benefit of India’s medical resources.  With more than 195,000 COVID casualties on record in India, the virus’s impact on the country has been devastating.  With hospitals at capacity, Indian medical professionals are struggling to keep up with increasing patient care demands.  With their homeland in critical need of support, SAINA is springing to action.

SAINA is a group of Indian-American medical professionals in the San Antonio area.  A subset of the San Antonio Indian Association, SAINA was established with medical and health nonprofit initiatives in mind.  Their latest initiative is focused on raising much needed funds to help medical facilities in India keep up the fight against COVID-19.  SAINA’s fundraising efforts will also work to supply at-risk members of the Indian population with hygiene kits.

In these difficult times of the pandemic, Robert Kurzban applauds all nonprofits and charitable organizations stepping up to support their communities — both local and abroad.  If you are interested in learning more about SAINA, visit their official website for details on how you can help their international and local nonprofit efforts.