A huge part of running a nonprofit organization is about securing funds. Writing grants can be a daunting task, but they are essential for a nonprofit’s function. If you have just started a nonprofit, there are grants out there specifically to get your mission off the ground, but there is a lot of competition for grants, and a lot of research needs to be done to find grants that are a perfect fit. How do you make sure that your organization gets the funding it needs?

Hiring an effective grant writer should be a top priority for any nonprofit. Awards are often based on merit rather than financial need. Grant distributors will only grant money to organizations that they believe will have a high impact in their communities. Proposals need to establish the needs of the community, be clear about short and long term goals, and explain how the grant money will be used to effect change. 

Successful proposals are ones that reflect well on the nonprofit, and be indicative of high quality management, budgeting, and organization. An expert grant writer will know how to tell the story of your nonprofit in a way that captivates the attention of whoever is awarding money. They draw a direct line from the funds to positive community outcomes. Investing in someone who knows how to navigate all of this will pay dividends to your nonprofit. 

Robert Kurzban, Director of Development for the Garces Foundation and Founder & CEO of RE:Writers, knows exactly how fundamental grant writing is for any nonprofit organization. RE:Writers is a freelance writing outfit that specializes in nonprofit and financial writing services. The Garces Foundation is a nonprofit committed to helping the underserved immigrant community.