In New River Valley, VA, a local initiative rolled out an ‘Online Giving Day’ to benefit nonprofits in the area. The relief may be just what local nonprofits need to survive and get back on their feet amid COVID-19.

The Community Foundation of the New River Valley hosted its 7th annual Online Giving Day on June 24, 2020. Calling on area residents, the initiative set a financial goal of $325,000 for the fundraiser. All proceeds will benefit more than 100 nonprofits in the NRV area. The best part? Donors can choose which cause or nonprofit they specifically want to support!

Throughout the pandemic, nonprofits have struggled to stay in operation. With needs increasing and resources dwindling — times have been tough, to say the least. Fortunately, initiatives are stepping up to help nonprofits get back on track! In New River Valley, VA, nonprofits are finding support in the community that they serve.  Thanks to the Community Foundation’s Online Giving Day, the nonprofits of NRV will have a better chance at fulfilling the needs of their community.