RE: Writers


The brainchild of Robert Kurzban and Elena Svitavsky, RE: Writers is a trusted freelance writing outfit that specializes in nonprofit and financial writing services.

Robert Kurzban currently stands as Founder & CEO of the company.

RE: Writers Origin & Backstory

In 2019, Robert Kurzban and Elena Svitavsky met at a New York City diner to catch up on each other’s careers.  Friends for nearly three decades, Robert and Elena both maintain successful careers in writing and editing.  Both are well-versed in catering to a diverse range of styles and genres.  Each maintains their own unique industry specializations. Their combined portfolio is demonstrative of their experiences in financial services and writing for nonprofit organizations.

Elena is a communications professional with two diverse decades of writing and editing experience.  Initially, she found her footing at Morgan Stanley, crafting superior investment and marketing content.  As her career progressed, she continued to refine her focus as a writer and editor in the realm of financial services.  Along the way, Elena has constructed a portfolio of a broad range of materials, from press releases and marketing collateral to investment commentary and grant proposals.

What unfolded from their diner meet-up would be quite the entrepreneurial leap.  Together, the pair drew up a plan for a specialized freelance writing team that would bring both of their areas of expertise to the table.  The result would be a unique collaboration between two talented and diversely trained wordsmiths.  And just like that, the powerhouse partnership of RE: Writers came to be!  Even down to the last detail, RE: Writers is demonstrative of the pair’s love of language.  A name with multiple meanings, the “R” and “E” stand for the founders’ first names.  The name is also telling of what the team does:  they rewrite material into polished perfection, from drafting and editing to completing revisions.