Millions of residents of New York City live in poverty, and the situation only worsened during the last two years. At one point the epicenter of the pandemic, New York was hit hard by Covid-19, and vulnerable New Yorkers were particularly at risk. Robin Hood has provided millions of dollars in aid to organizations providing relief to families during the crisis. 

Robert Kurzban Poverty Prevention Nonprofits - New York City
Photo by Alex Azabache

The Robin Hood Foundation is New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization, and they partner and fund hundreds of other nonprofits to bring much needed services to the city’s residents – including housing, education, legal services, workforce development, and food. Every year, they help hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to get out of poverty. 

In 2012, the organization launched Poverty Tracker, which is a long term study that follows thousands of New York households quarterly over the course of many years. The study has helped shine a light on the true effects that poverty has on families, and how racial inequality plays a significant role in poverty in the city. 

Robert Kurzban, a native of New York State from Poughkeepsie, knows how important funding is to a nonprofit organization. He is Director of Development for the Garces Foundation, provides financial writing services through RE:Writers, and is the founder of Optimal Auctions, a software application that facilitates auctions exclusively for non-profit organizations.

Robin Hood uses a rigorous system to determine where their money goes. According to their website, “for every dollar spent, we effectively raise the living standards for low-income New Yorkers by $12”. 

The Robin Hood Foundation is hosting its annual benefit event on October 20, 2021 at the Javits Center in New York City.