In Rockaway Township, NJ, the Morris Co. Cliffs have been colloquially renamed to the “Graffiti Cliffs.” This new (and albeit unfortunate) nickname has been tacked on due to the MAGA themed graffiti that has defaced the natural site at Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Refuge. But now thanks to a local nonprofit effort, the cliffs will be restored! Robert Kurzban shares the news:

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection initially came to the conclusion that it would simply be too “unsafe” to remove the graffiti that currently remains on the Cliffs.  However, they recently made the decision to allow Community Search and Rescue (CommSAR) to voluntarily perform the cleanup!

CommSAR is a nonprofit organization that assists in search-and-rescue efforts on public lands.  As far as the NJDEP is concerned, there’s no better group of volunteers to get the job done!