A Charlotte, North Carolina based nonprofit is asking for help from the community. Robert Kurzban shares the details on how you can help A Brighter Day Ministries expand their reach and continue to positively impact West Charlotte:

For years, A Brighter Day Ministries has relied on an older model SUV to carry out their charitable outreach in the community.  Their efforts have included providing essential supplies to and feeding families in need.  Fully dedicated to helping the West Charlotte area prosper, the nonprofit also hosts a plethora of educational events and activities.  A Brighter Day’s focus has always been to enrich the lives of their neighbors and community members.

But just like thousands of other nonprofits across the country, A Brighter Day Ministries in West Charlotte has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Support from local businesses and gifts from private donors have dwindled substantially.  In a positive turn of events, the nonprofit recently found a partner who is assisting Brighter Day in distributing 600 boxes of food to families in need this month.  

But, there’s only one problem:  the nonprofit’s SUV, which has delivered donations and provided local children with rides to field trips and events, is struggling to continue.  Now, Brighter Side is hoping to acquire a van to help continue their efforts in the community.  After years of building up the West Charlotte community, this nonprofit hopes that their friends and neighbors will return the favor.  A gift bigger than the organization, a van will assist Brighter Side in continuing the courageous community work they contribute year after year.

To find out how you can help, please reach out to Beverly Knox Davis at (704) 612 – 6390.