In a generous show of support, the Green Bay Packers have donated grants in excess of $250k to social justice nonprofits in the area.

In light of the uproar present across the nation, we are in a time when staying silent is louder than speaking up. The fight against racism is not an issue for People of Color (POC).  Rather, it is a universal call for change, echoed by individuals of all backgrounds.  Unsurprisingly, major organizations have taken to the stage to show their support for the cause of social justice. 

In an effort to demonstrate the NFL team’s unwavering commitment to their fans, the Packers have donated five social justice grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the state.  Specifically, the grants will support initiatives in Kenosha, Madison, and Milwaukee.  Nonprofits that will directly benefit from this generous show of support include:

  • Building Our Future
  • The Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund
  • 100 Black Men of Madison Inc.
  • Urban league of Greater Madison Inc.
  • Leaders Igniting Transformation