They’re filled with the dreams — now they need a vehicle to the means. In Ohio, a black-run nonprofit organization is rolling up their sleeves and declaring a plan to end systemic racism in their state. But they need the community’s help.

Combating systemic racism is no small challenge.  The State of Ohio Collective, a black-run nonprofit based out of Ohio is well aware of that.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge worth going to battle for.  With a new plan in tow, the Collective is ready to do what it takes to put their new plan into action.

The State of Ohio Collective is a comprehensive effort established by more than 200 African American professionals in Ohio.  Their key areas of focus include education, economic development and health.  But overall, they are focused on demolishing the overall construct of systemic racism.  The State of Ohio Collective was established this year after George Floyd was maliciously and carelessly murdered by Minneapolis PD.  The public nature of the killing gripped Americans across the nation and across races.  Killed in broad daylight for all the world to see, this unfortunate event ignited a movement that has been set ablaze from state to state.  In Ohio, people of color (POC) have fought tirelessly to keep their message at the forefront: not only do black lives matter, but systemic racism as a whole needs to be demolished once and for all.  

In response to rampant racism (even when it doesn’t make the news), the State of Ohio Collective has cooked up a plan to annihilate the system that disadvantages individuals based on their skin color or ethic background.  The plan is one that will take 50 years to take full effect.  Still, the Collective is determined to see it reach full maturity and make a major difference.

To support the efforts of the State of Ohio Collective nonprofit, be sure to check out their official website!  Robert Kurzban proudly supports their efforts and calls on his readers to do the same.