Are you interested in the Garces Foundation’s English for the Restaurant and Everyday Living (EREL) program? If so, registration is now OPEN for this year’s Summer Session 2020!

English for the Restaurant and Everyday Living (EREL) is a 12-week program of English language instruction.  Each course is tailored to meet the needs of workers — and diners — of the restaurant industry.  Additionally, the courses also teach life competencies.  The Garces Foundation hopes that these courses will assist the immigrant community in achieving professional advancement, identifying and using community resources and accessing healthcare services.

Empowerment is always the primary focus of the Garces Foundation.  Instructors and volunteers of the nonprofit look forward to assisting individuals in improving their health and wellbeing — and that of their families and loved ones!  

Robert Kurzban, Grants Coordinator of the Garces Foundation, is a firm believer in the effectiveness of EREL!  If you are interested in registering for the next upcoming session, be sure to visit the Garces Foundation’s official website for more information.

Welcome to the Garces Foundation from Skout Media on Vimeo.