Optimal Auctions

Robert Kurzban is the founder and creator of Optimal Auctions, a software application that facilitates auctions exclusively for non-profit organizations.

Robert Kurzban Optimal Auctions

Optimal Auctions provides auctioning software to non-profit organizations.  Charged and driven by research, Optimal uses the latest scientific research to offer auction technology solutions that maximize revenue for nonprofits.  Focused on efficiency, the software platform is committed to ensuring that your nonprofit organization is able to optimize how you host auctions.  Because when you strategize with research in mind, you’ll be one step closer to expanding your initiative’s reach in the community.

Founded in 2021 by Researchers and Economists 

Optimal Auctions is truly a product of Robert Kurzban’s career!  In his on-going development of the web app, Kurzban draws on his 25+ years of experience as a social scientist, researcher and dedicated non-profit volunteer.

It all started in 2018, when social scientist and researcher Robert Kurzban began volunteering with charities and nonprofits serving his community.  Quickly, he noticed that many initiatives relied on hosting auctions to raise funds for their projects.  Unfortunately, the system in place for hosting and maintaining those auctions seemed to be without efficient structure.  Taking on a researcher’s perspective, Kurzban knew something had to be done to improve the process.

By coincidence, he happened to have some experience in the very science behind auction design!  So drawing on his 25+ years of experience researching the social science of economics, Kurzban developed software to run auctions that raise more money for nonprofits.  A collaborative effort, Optimal Auctions is the brainchild of a powerhouse team of four economists — including 2002 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Vernon Smith.

To learn more about Optimal Auctions, check out the official website and try out the web app!